Friday, October 14, 2016

Figurative Language

The Candy Assignment

Learning Objective: R.L 8.4: Students will be able to find, label, and  write examples of figurative language.   

Directions-  For each type of figurative language  write a complete sentence using  the specific type to describe the taste, feel, or smell of the candy.  Each sentence must  contain  at least 8 words  and have proper capitalization and punctuation.  YOU MAY NOT USE THESE WORDS:GOOD, WET, PRETTY, VERY, REALLY, BAD, OKAY, TASTES


vocab #4

Explicit- information is found “right there” in the text

Inferred- clues to the information is given and the reader has to put the clues  together to make an educated guess

Idiom-  a word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning.

Hyperbole* An intentional exaggeration for emphasis or comic effect.

Plot *The structure of the actions in a dramatic or narrative work, ordered and rendered toward achieving particular emotional and artistic effects.

The most basic elements in a plot line are: (a) exposition, (b) inciting incident (c) rising action, (d) climax, or turning point, (e) falling action, and (f) resolution.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Reading Logs

Be sure to correspond  reading logs with the correct week of the month.

Name _____________
                            Reading Requirement Log Week   1                                                DATE:______ _____   
*Select a novel based on your interest and reading ability
*Each day come prepared with the novel you signed up for—Do not change novels
*Complete and honestly score the reading log each week to turn in on Friday.
*If absent, complete the reading and turn in the reading log prior to the next reading day.
*If you finish your novel early, bring another one.
1.       Novel Information
Name of Novel:________________________________________________________/1
Author:_______________Total # of Chapters:________Total # of pages:______
2.    Synopsis/Plot Summary (See back of book or book jacket: _____________________________________________________________________   ______________________________________________________________________
3.       Summarize what you read today in 5-7 complete sentences:
________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
________ ________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________
Total Sentences:______
4.       Give a connection to what you read.
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

5.       This week,  I read pages ________ to ________ for a total of ________ pages.

Name ____________
Reading Requirement—Week 2                                                                                                         

1.    Beginning page number:  _________
2.    Define and draw and illustration for an unfamiliar word in your reading.
3.    What is the setting of your novel? __________________________________________________
4.    Who is telling the story?  (circle one) a. person in the story    b. person outside the story
5.    Complete the chart for the main character.
Physical Traits
Personality Traits
6.       List 2 characters and their connection to the main character
·         ___________________________________________________________________________
·         ___________________________________________________________________________
Name ____________
Reading Requirement—Week 3
1.    Prepared (read all options, then circle one)
Yes—I have the same novel I was reading last week /2 pts
No—I finished that novel and brought a new one  /2 pts
No—I brought a different novel  /1 pt
No—I didn’t bring a novel  /0 points
2.    Write a main idea from each page read.  Write in complete sentences with at least 5 to 7 words.
3.    Complete the information for one character in your story.( Complete sentences)
Name:  ________________________________________________________________________
Physical Characteristics:  __________________________________________________________
Personality Traits:  _______________________________________________________________

Name _______________
Reading Requirement—Week 4

1.    Prepared (read all options, then circle one)
Yes—I have the same novel I was reading last week  /2 pts
No—I finished that novel and brought a new one  /2 pts
No—I brought a different novel  /1 pt
No—I didn’t bring a novel  /0 points
2.    Name of Novel____________________________________________________________
3.    Identify the two most unfamiliar words from your reading and use each in a sentence correctly. (2 points each)


4.    List 2 main ideas from today’s reading and 2 details about each. (Complete Sentences.)
Main Idea                                                                     Details_________________________________
1   a.                        b.                                                               
2   a.                         b.